Create, Archive, & Delete Bulk Classrooms

Designed for education

Application Details

Create, Archive & delete bulk classrooms in your domain.

This add-on will enable the admin and verified teacher to create a number of active classrooms at one time, and adding the specified teachers to their classrooms. You don't need to accept or decline the created classrooms, as it will be active already for you.

Also for both Super and Sub Admin, it is possible to archive all active classrooms at once and delete the archived classrooms at the same time.

You can add various details of the domain's courses from a spreadsheet. This includes:

The course status,

Course name,



Course owner




Course URL

Course Code

After creating the classrooms, their URL links and share code will be saved back to the same spreadsheet.

This is a spreadsheet add-on, that means creating the classrooms can be done by installing the add-on using a spreadsheet. You need to change the name of the sheet in the spreadsheet to (CourseSingleSheet).

Updates (v4):

Inviting bulk students to the class by writing their accounts in column (10), separating each account by a comma.

Updates (v3):

Inviting bulk teachers up to 6.

Updates (v2):

Adding a warning message when archiving or deleting the classrooms.

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